So, education is important, not just the book learning, but developing our intuitive strengths along with the capacity for critical thinking, to be able to think about alternative ways around a problem. We have to evolve with the times, we have seen this with all these paradigm shifts that we are witnessing all over the world. What may have held true for many years, simply cannot be relied on to work at all now.

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However, academics might later argue there were errors in how the previous author collected data or in the model supported by her statistics. Their research might make interesting and useful academic contributions, but would be of interest to policymakers only if the errors suggested a different course of action. Very often, there are no new policy implications from such contributions. It can be tempting to substitute in-depth long-form writing with shorter quick hits as discussed above. However, serious academics, even those deeply engaged with policy, need a mix of publications. One way to maintain that balance while still engaging in policy-oriented scholarship is writing long-form papers for think tanks. Think tank papers often have readerships that exceed most academic papers and are also counted in Google Scholar.

Environmental Science

As someone who has advised the policy community for a number of years, it is clear that this community’s needs and demands are quite different from those of academics. Policymakers are often confronted with crises in quick succession. They need good — not perfect — answers fast, and they require clear predictions along with sound options for dealing with those crises. Above all, policymakers need analysis shorn of excessive detail.

  1. I usually give them a worksheet for this stage so that we can check the answers together at the end.
  2. It is very important that they grasp the use and meaning here.
  3. Behavioural economics suggests that individuals can have motivations other than just money.
  4. On close analysis and appraisal, we see that the study by Cortis lacks essential features of the highest quality quantitative research.
  5. Both a public bridge and street lighting exhibit characteristics of a public good.

Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy professor Monica Duffy Toft mentions outlets like War on the Rocks and Lawfare, which is widely read by folks in the national security and legal community. Her Fletcher colleague Dan Drezner has built an amazing public profile throughout his career, and now has a regular column for the Washington Post. You need to consider that your reader doesn’t have a clue about your topic or arguments, so your first sentence must summarise these. Explain what your essay is going to talk about as though you were explaining it to a five year old – without losing the formality of your academic writing, of course! To do this, use any of the below words or phrases to help keep you on track. To write a second paragraph, transition from the first paragraph with a topic sentence, explain your reasoning, and use evidence to support that reasoning.

Smart Formatting

An analysis of front page New York Times stories found that only 25 percent of sources were women.38 One reason for this may be gendered media gatekeeping. Some committees may tackle more salient topics that are more central to the campaign. Although it is unclear how often these policy papers get read, they provide scholars with an opportunity to network with people more directly engaged in policy and get a feel for the kinds of proposals interesting ways to start an essay being discussed in the policy arena. My Minerva-funded and wider consulting experiences have been valuable. Having a significant amount of resources to hire research assistants and conduct fieldwork to study an important problem is an incredible opportunity. It was gratifying, for example, to see the work cited in prominent outlets like the reports of the Defense Science Board and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

The effect of this environment is that fewer academics consider writing and informing policy debates and policy makers than would otherwise be the case, at least at the junior level. The structure of incentives simply mitigates too strongly against it. Given their specialized training and expertise, academics are well-placed to identify non-obvious patterns and relationships that can improve current policy and inspire future policy. The challenge for and onus on scholars goes well beyond becoming better writers and self-promotion. If academics are convinced that they have not just good ideas but perhaps better ideas, they have the responsibility to hone their craft and engage the world of policy.

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It is similar to adding expressions like ‘um’ and ‘like’ when people speak – they are used for stalling. If you read your writing back quicker than you wrote it, you’ll find that one idea can flow onto another without these signalling words. They connect two separate ideas with some sort of relationship. They can be used to connect separate clauses or sentences, or even paragraphs, with more flexibility than a simple conjunction. They connect the main ideas of your paragraphs using relationship words. The primary reason college should be free is that it would boost the economy. High levels of student debt can cause them to stop buying houses, investing in businesses, or spending money on travel.

bridge examples essay

Another way to add contrast is by highlighting the relevance of a fact or opinion in the context of your research. These academic words help to introduce a sentence or paragraph that contains a very meaningful point in your essay. These essay about gun control types of academic phrases are perfect for expanding or adding to a point you’ve already made without interrupting the flow altogether. “Moreover”, “furthermore” and “in addition” are also great linking phrases to begin a new paragraph.

Use Relationship Words as Sentence Starters

Backing the right horse in an election can also potentially lead to a policy appointment if one’s preferred candidate wins. Although these kinds of courses essay on to kill a mocking bird are gratifying for the reasons mentioned above, they are not without challenges. They represent a considerable amount of work to resource and manage.

  1. They also expand the reach of the scholar by enlisting a team of students who can do more research than the professor could accomplish on his or her own.
  2. You need to outline and evaluate four or five ideas but make sure they attack different targets and are of different kinds (e.g., presentation, practice, consolidation, revision etc.).
  3. In my edited version, over a third of the passage has disappeared and the passage now reads like a collection of notes.
  4. They will learn more in that semester abroad than in any other academic year.
  5. To interest your readers, use highlighted descriptions and sensory data.

This setting is important because it gives the reader/audience an idea of where the action is happening. In this part of the play Eddie behaves like a protective father, putting a curfew on the time that Catherine returns home. He also has the nerve to choose what men Catherine dates and what she wears.

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The words and actions between Eddie and Rodolpho highlight the theme of masculinity which is important in Sicilian society. Eddie has a dig at Rodolpho’s unmanly streak commenting, “he sings, he cooks, he could make dresses”. A further example of this is on page 56 when Eddie challenges Rodolpho to a sparring match hinting to Rodolpho that he is camp and can’t defend himself. The characters in this scene are Eddie, Catherine, Beatrice and two southern Italian immigrants called Marco and Rodolpho. Eddie and Beatrice are husband and wife who look after their young, seventeen year old, and impressionable niece Catherine. (Louis and Mike are long shoremen like Eddie who don’t come into the story often.).

The independent artists, despite their diverse approaches to painting, appeared to contemporaries as a group. While conservative critics panned their work for its unfinished, sketchlike appearance, more progressive writers praised it for its depiction of modern life. Edmond Duranty, for example, in his 1876 essay La Nouvelle Peinture , wrote of their depiction of contemporary subject matter in a suitably innovative style as a revolution in painting. The exhibiting collective avoided choosing a title that would imply a unified movement or school, although some of them subsequently adopted the name by which they would eventually be known, the Impressionists.


Image by Thomas Ulrich from PixabayNature, one of the most powerful forces in the world is constantly teaching us new ways to adapt. Because Nature is a mighty force, and is no respecter of our past history, man’s intellectual ego or the brilliance of science. Nature carves what is the first step to creating an informative essay? Her name upon the Earth, and there is no force in the world to resist Her power, and the bridge to nowhere is proof of that. As analysts now speak of the bridge, they say; what is the point of a state of the art bridge which is rendered useless and leads to nowhere?

bridge examples essay

There has been progress made both across the gap and within the academy. Other consultancy arrangements involve more hands-on participation from the client.

Combined Science

Below are a few words and ways of introducing alternative arguments. You don’t want your reader to be confused by the rhythm of your writing and get distracted away from your argument, do you? So, we recommend using some of the following ‘flow’ words, which are guaranteed to help you articulate your ideas and arguments in a chronological and structured order. One challenging aspect of academic writing is making sure your essay flows coherently from one section, paragraph or sentence to the next. Without doing this, your writing may seem choppy and it can become difficult for your reader to follow your point.

  1. A debate about whether ‘bringing-forth’ or ‘challenging-forth’ are arbitrary constructs is beyond the scope of this opinion paper but I will attempt to make a parallelism with learning and technology.
  2. In fact, some of the best national security scholarship is often that which is directly informed by what is happening in the world.
  3. We are told in the stage directions that the main acting area is the “living-room-dining-room of Eddie’s apartment and that it is a worker’s flat, clean, sparse and homely”.
  4. Their work is recognized today for its modernity, embodied in its rejection of established styles, its incorporation of new technology and ideas, and its depiction of modern life.
  5. Moreover, engaging with policymakers will only help to make academic research more relevant and interesting.
  6. Universities and research institutes have been making strides to appoint “bridge” faculty who work across disciplinary departments.

Coursework Writing Services Comprehensive help for all subjects and levels. Here, connecting the first two sentences with ‘but’ shows that a contrast is being introduced, while the phrase ‘consequently’ signals that the third sentence is a conclusion based on the preceding statements. Advances in science and technology have made the use of “green” energy possible. In how to introduce a quote places where climate conditions permit, people are able to use solar energy or wind energy for power. The driver of the car sustained slight, non-life-threatening injuries. “Moving up to our north cabin and spending time there had always been something that I enjoyed and looked up to. It offered a lot in terms of peace and serenity that you will not find in cities.

International Affairs schools are playing a major role in hiring faculty who do both academic and policy work, and particularly in valuing certain expertise that disciplinary departments have traditionally ignored. Political science turned its back on area studies some time ago, but International Affairs schools need experts on specific countries and regions for teaching purposes.

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