Proofreading defines how your article sounds and how it affects your readers. Grab the chance to spot for any more mistakes and aim for a seamless reading flow. When writing is done well, it is a seamless part of the audience’s experience. Article writers shape how content is presented and can influence how people think.

All this and much more information is contained only in the newspaper. Newspapers have been and will remain the mouthpiece of the nation and the unseen advisers of the common people. It has been argued that sports should be made compulsory right from the primary classes and should be made an integral part of school education. Besides providing a basis for physical fitness, sports and outdoor games inculcate a spirit of competition and impart a sense of discipline and togetherness in us. Outdoor games also enable us to become more daring and adventurous.

Researching Your Idea

Electronic mail (E-mail) and electronic commerce (E-commerce) have come in vogue. You are Abhishek / Anubha studying in Plato Public School, New Delhi. While commuting for your school everyday you find many of your school boys and girls taking free lift from the passing cars, which you don’t like. Write an article in about 200 words on ‘The Evils of Hitch-hiking for publication in your school magazine. Cons include spread of false information, students waste time, leads to stress, misunderstandings and arguments.

They can help the villagers shed their shackles of ignorance, illiteracy and superstition by acquainting them with true facts. New scientific techniques can help in raising the yield of crops. The problem do you quote articles in essays of unemployment or underemployment can be overcome by establishing small scale industries. They can guide the rural youth about cheap raw material and profitable disposal of finished products.


After the title comes to the name of the writer in one line. This helps readers identify the owner of the article written. When written well, it becomes a natural part of the audience’s experience. Article writers influence how content is presented and how people think.

article writing format

It will make it easier for you to write your topics and explain them. All the sentences in each paragraph should logically lead to the objective for which the article is being written. In the introduction, how to write a thematic essay for english try to introduce your article in 2-3 sentences. It is a great idea to begin your writing by quoting famous quotations, also, don’t forget to mention the name of the quotation writer.

Writing Magazine Articles: Format and Examples

Students sometimes travel long distances to attend the so-called ‘reputed’ coaching centres thus wasting a lot of time. Modern technology has given us everything we want, whenever we want and more than we actually need, with the result that we have become a weak society. Unlike the older generation, modern-day children do not have the space and freedom of moving about and end up cramped in front of their computers and video games.

article writing format

Whatever difficulties may come one’s way, one should strive hard to succeed. He gave examples from his childhood about the times when he had to walk 10 kms to reach school. It was difficult but he used to wade through even deep waters during rains, so that he could study. We realised how only after one has put in full efforts, one gets complete satisfaction, the sense of achievement.

Proofread the details of the article

Parents should be made aware of the various courses at the coaching institute. The most important thing would be to believe in their wards and understand that just like earlier days, children can still do well without any extra help from coaching centres. True, some students might need such help, but it should not be done to blindly follow a trend. Others might still say that we cannot blame the whole §et because of some money-minded people. Being a victim of this rigmarole of coaching and tuitions, I can say from my experience that things are not the same.

A quote, bibliography, reference section at the end of a short summary can help people remember and explore what they read. Then review article format should be followed properly. It is also a matter of appreciation that the governments are ready to forego a large amount of revenue that they gain by selling liquor, only because it impacts negatively on society.

What Is Article Writing? Your Guide to Writing Winning Articles

Always research for the topic and if you already have information then add it up in the details so your suggestion will be fruitful for others. The sandy areas of Rajasthan such as Barmer district and its surrounding areas are hit hard by drought this year. Hundreds of persons and thousands of cattle have lost their lives. People controlling idea in writing have started migrating to places which afford sustenance. The state government and voluntary organisations have come forward to render help to these victims of vagaries of nature. Relief camps have been opened and food for work programmes have been launched. On paper all this looks good and sounds pleasing to the ears.

Self-serving politicians and their agents and power brokers can stoop to any extent to feather their own nest. In government offices, it percolates from the top to the bottom. You pay the piper and call the tune’ or ‘Money makes the mare go’ are the unwritten tenets of our administrative-cum-political setup. Environmental pollution is the gift of galloping population, unplanned industrialisation, mining and haphazard and faulty town planning.

Practise Question:

Sometimes, due to lack of monitoring and hygiene, children are provided with contaminated food. In most places, teachers manage kitchens and are often not dignified in distributing food. A lack of infrastructure in schools and delay in payment by the Government further aggravates the issue. Only when the government, school authorities and the parents join hands, can this mid-day meal scheme be a true success. Once you have collected all the facts and data, you can now begin your article writing. As discussed, start the article with an introductory paragraph, followed by a descriptive and a concluding paragraph. After you have written everything, it is pertinent to proofread your entire article and check whether there are any grammatical errors.

article writing format

Though technology has greatly contributed to human development, it has its flip side and it is adversely affecting our health. Due to globalisation and the advent of fast food culture, traditional healthy diets have been replaced by unhealthy junk food that has no nutritional should college athletes get paid essay value. Children and even adults have become quite fond of this junk food essentially because it is palatable and caters well to their taste buds. Hence the need arises for inculcating healthy dietary habits. I feel childhood is the best stage to inculcate good food habits.

Types of Article writing

The title must not be long and must grasp the central idea of the article. We must laugh more laughing is a therapy and a secret of good example of an outline for an essay health. The government should include integrated health programs into their public policies and control specific health problems.

Newspaper reporters are trained to give the most important points first in a news story. Magazine articles, however, often begin with a tantalizing mystery, question, or scenario to hook the reader into reading the entire article. Moreover, newspaper reports are objective records of events while magazine articles, often subjective, deal with a specific subject, and take a specific angle or point of view. Learning how to write a magazine article requires knowing the focus of a particular magazine in order to appeal to that magazine’s readership.

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